Welcome to Know Lafayette

Welcome to Hammy Davis' new website.  If you want to know more about Lafayette and the surrounding communities or if you think you already know Lafayette and want to hear a unique perspective on the Lafayette commercial real estate market then stay tuned for more posts and links to articles, trends and other updates on a regular basis from both Hammy and his team.  

I've seen it all in a falling market and am here to share what I know to help you get the most out of your investment transaction.

  *Buyers who don't know where the bottom is need to feel confident that the knowledge of pricing trends can give them substantial confidence that they wont get hurt in the future.

*Sellers, Do you have something the market needs?  Ask an expert.  Otherwise, adjust your pricing perspective quickly

*Leasing- don't slice and chase the market down.  Drop quickly and lease short term.  If you are not getting advice in this market, you can get hurt.

I'll share some basic advice for free.